Quarter Midgets of America

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Quarter Midgets of America was the first national sanctioning body for quarter midgets. It began in 1961 and has operated continuously since.

Web Site: http://quartermidgets.org

QMA Clubs

Clubs highlighted in blue in the below link are sanctioned by Quarter Midgets of America as of 2020.


QMA Regions

QMA divides the country into 13 different Regions highlighted in the below map:


Sizes of QMA Regions

The following shows the sizes of QMA Regions over time from 2000 through 2016:

QMA RegionSizesOverTime.jpg

Current Documents

All official QMA documents can be found on the Document Page of the QMA National web site.

Archived Documents

Some older copies of QMA documents can also be found on the Document Page of the QMA National web site. Those that are no longer found there can often be found via a search of the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine for the http://www.quartermidgets.org web site. Some are also included here for reference.

National Meetings

Quarter Midgets of America hosts a National Meeting the second Monday though Wednesday of every November. Typically held in Las Vegas, this meeting is where the QMA National Board of Directors and QMA's Regional Directors meet and discuss the business of QMA. A portion of this includes voting on all of the "Request for Change" proposals that have come from members throughout the QMA organization.

Year Short Sheet Meeting Minutes Significant Notes
2019 2019 QMA Short Sheet 2019 QMA National Meeting Minutes Day 1 Day 2
2018 2018 QMA Short Sheet 2018 QMA National Meeting Minutes
2017 2017 QMA Short Sheet 2017 QMA National Meeting Minutes
2016 2016 QMA Short Sheet 2016 QMA National Meeting Minutes
2015 2015 QMA Short Sheet 2015 QMA National Meeting Minutes
2014 2014 QMA Short Sheet 2014 QMA National Meeting Minutes
2013 2013 QMA Short Sheet 2013 QMA National Meeting Minutes
2012 2012 QMA Short Sheet 2012 QMA National Meeting Minutes
2011 2011 QMA Short Sheet 2011 QMA National Meeting Minutes
2010 2010 QMA Short Sheet 2010 QMA National Meeting Minutes
2009 2009 QMA National Meeting Minutes 2009 QMA National Meeting Clarifications