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! Bylaws
! Bylaws
! Race Format
! Race Format
! 2020
| [[Media:WQMA_Bylaws_2020.pdf | 2020 WQMA Bylaws]]
| [[Media:WQMA_Format_2020.pdf | 2020 WQMA Format]]
! 2019
! 2019

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WQMA (the Washington Quarter Midget Association) is a QMA sanctioned quarter midget club in Region 9 with a track in Monroe, WA on the site of the Evergreen State Fairgrounds. The club started racing in 1957. It started running parking lot races -- particularly in the lot of what is now the Northgate Mall before finding a permanent home at Paine Field in Mukilteo, Washington. In the early 2000s, expansion and security requirements at Paine Field required the club to look for a new home. The club eventually moved to its current site at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds and started racing there for the 2007 season.

WQMA Maps Aerial.jpg WQMA Aerial Photo.JPG

Information about the Washington Quarter Midget Association:

QMRacingInfo Link https://qmracinginfo.com/manage/club/62
Web Site http://wqma.com
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/wqma4kids
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpL3HIjB0Q9rovGDbluT-hA

Grand National Events

National Events Hosted by the Washington Quarter Midget Association

2011 WQMA Grands Logo.gif 2017 WQMA Grands Logo.jpg

Special Events

Special Events Hosted by the Washington Quarter Midget Association

WQMA WildWildWest White.png

Club Races

WQMA has traditionally run its club races on Sunday mornings starting with safety at 7:00am, registration at 7:30am, and a pit meeting at 8:45am (with racing immediately following).

The following chart shows the size of WQMA club races from the 2013 through the 2019 seasons. Any races which were canceled or rained out are linearly interpolated on the chart. Note that the large peak in the 2017 season (race #3) was the race before the 2017 Western Grands. Likewise, the large peak in the 2019 season (race #8) was the club's largest single day event ever: 145 cars at the Wild Wild West race.

WQMA ClubRaceSizes 13 to 19.jpg

Club Documents

Year Bylaws Race Format
2020 2020 WQMA Bylaws 2020 WQMA Format
2019 2019 WQMA Bylaws 2019 WQMA Format
2018 2018 WQMA Bylaws 2018 WQMA Format
2017 2017 WQMA Bylaws 2017 WQMA Format
2016 2016 WQMA Bylaws 2016 WQMA Format
2015 2015 WQMA Bylaws 2015 WQMA Format
2014 2014 WQMA Bylaws 2014 WQMA Format
2013 2013 WQMA Bylaws 2013 WQMA Format
2012 2012 WQMA Bylaws 2012 WQMA Format
2011 2019 WQMA Bylaws
2010 2010 WQMA Bylaws


WQMA officially started as a quarter midget club in 1957 and was known by several names -- including Northgate QMA -- prior to being named the Washington Quarter Midget Association.

Articles About the Washington Quarter Midget Club


WQMA 042061 Newspaper Article.jpg WQMA 051962 Newspaper Article.jpg WQMA Northgate QuarterMidget Season Newspaper Article.jpg
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