Portland Quarter Midget Racing Association

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PQMRA (the Portland Quarter Midget Racing Association) is a USAC sanctioned quarter midget club in the Pacific Northwest with a track in Portland, OR on the site of Alpenrose Dairy. Prior to the 2020 race season, Portland was sanctioned by QMA and was a part of Region 9. The Portland track is one of the oldest tracks in quarter midgets with a continuous racing history since 1955.

PQMRA Maps Aerial.jpg

Information about the Portland Quarter Midget Racing Association:

QMRacingInfo Link https://qmracinginfo.com/manage/club/59
Web Site http://www.portlandqma.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Portland-Quarter-Midget-Racing-Association-225749024125942

Grand National Events

National Events Hosted by the Portland Quarter Midget Racing Association

  • 2005 Western Grands

2012 PQMRA Grands Logo.png


Portland Track 001.jpg Portland Track 002.jpg