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QMA Grand National Events

Traditionally (until 2019), QMA has held three Grand National Races each year: the Eastern Grands (for clubs east of the Mississippi), the Western Grands (for clubs west of the Mississippi), and the Dirt Grands (which often was in the eastern half of the United States but attempted to cycle around). Each of the Grand National races is a 4-7 day stand-alone event.

Year Events
2020 MCQMA Grands Logo.jpg
2019 OSQMRA Grands Logo.jpg2019 PPQMA Grands Logo.png
2018 TVQMA Grands Logo.jpg2018 I70 Grands Logo.jpg2018 Capitol Grands Logo.jpg
2017 WQMA Grands Logo.jpg2017 COQMA Grands Logo.jpg2017 I5 Dirt Grands Logo.jpg
2016 TQMA Grands Logo.jpg2016 NewSmyrna Grands Logo.jpg2016 Keystone Grands Logo.jpg
2015 Baylands Grands Logo.jpg2015 GardenState Grands Logo.jpg2015 THQMA Grands Logo.png
2014 GoodTimes Grands Logo.jpg2014 CCQMA Grands Logo.png
2013 TVQMA Grands Logo.jpg2013 NGQMA Grands Logo.jpg2013 THQMA Grands Logo.jpg
2012 PQMRA Grands Logo.png2012 MMRA Grands Logo.gif2012 Capitol Grands Logo.gif
2011 WQMA Grands Logo.gif2011 Oaklane Grands Logo.gif2011 CCQMA Grands Logo.gif
2009 LQMA Grands Logo.png2009 HQMA Grands Logo.jpg2009 THQMA Grands Logo.gif

QMA Event Sizes

Quarter Midget events have historically drawn as many as 1000 cars to a National Event. The following chart shows the sizes of the QMA Grand National Events over time:


USAC National Events

Unlike QMA, where Grand National Races are stand-alone events, USAC's quarter midget program runs two series of national races (one for pavement and one for dirt) and crowns a champion based on overall points in the series. Traditionally, a driver must participate in at least three of the National Races in order to run for points and one of those races must be the Battle of the Brickyard at Indianapolis. Unfortunately, USAC was unable to schedule the Brickyard race in 2020.

Year Events
Daytona International SpeedwayFeb 5-9
Roadrunner Quarter Midget AssociationApr 30 - May 3
Richmond RacewayJune 25-28
Northwest Ohio QMRAJuly 9-12
Portland International RacewaySep 3-6
Texas Motor SpeedwayOct 22-25
Hagerstown QMAJune 11-14
Terre Haute QMAJul 30 - Aug 2
Montgomery County QMRCAug 13 - 16
Christian County QMASep 17 - 20
Daytona Logo 2020.jpg
Daytona Logo 2019.jpgCOTA Logo 2019.jpgCharlotte Logo 2019.pngBrickyard Logo 2019.jpgLasVegas Logo 2019.jpg
THQMA Logo 2019.jpg
Daytona Logo 2018.png